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“Communication skills for young researchers” training programme _ Trieste

The training course is dedicated to young researchers and PhD students willing to improve their communication skills both oral and written in presenting their research projects or ideas and to communicate effectively with colleagues, policy makers and various lay public.
Participants will receive hands-on training in writing research papers and posters, delivering a presentation or a speech to different audiences as well the use of social media in research. All modules
will consist of lectures, practical exercises and opportunities for discussion and feedback throughout.
The training programme will be led by experts in Science communication and it will be held in English at AREA Science Park (Trieste - IT) from 9.30 am - 1.30 pm.
The initiative is organised by the Welcome Office FVG in collaboration with EURAXESS Services Centre in the framework of the activities promoted by the Research coordination network of Region Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is in compliance with the Charter and Code (C&C) principles for the researchers’ career development.


Three thematic workshops will be organised:

  1.  "Public speaking and poster presentation" - 28 April 2016
  2.  "Writing research papers " -  25 May 2016
  3. "Social media for scientists" -  8 June 2016

Click here to download the programme  /the registration form 


Registration and payment deadline 20th April 2016

Fees: Participation fee is €70 for a single workshop; €150 for the training programme (three workshops)


For any further information please e-mail to:



Visible from: 
Thursday, April 14, 2016 to Saturday, August 6, 2016