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AREA Science Park is a prestigious multi-sector Science and Technology Park. It aims at carrying out research, boosting internationalisation (through cross-border activities, participation in research programs and R&D cooperation) and developing innovation activities. It is run by the Consortium which was recognised as a 1st level national research body in 2005 by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). The Mission of AREA Science Park is to enhance the region's competitiveness and business attractiveness by supporting business development; spreading innovative products, processes and methods as well as knowledge and skills. Over the past 10 years, the Consortium has distinguished itself thanks to its activities of technology transfer and Human Resources training, enhancement of research, regional development and dissemination of scientific knowledge. AREA acts as a central link between the academic world and the industrial/business sector.
Research Coordination Office (Training, project design and management Department)
Contact person: Ilaria Pierdomenico
Phone: +39 040 375 5206; Fax: +39 040 37553206
Contact person: Anna Comini
Phone: ++39 040 375 5246
CRUI Foundation  is a non-profit organisation established by the Conference of Italian University Rectors in October 2001, whose mission is to contribute to the development of the university system, by managing initiatives aimed at supporting innovation in universities and in their organization. The main projects and challenges embraced by CRUI Foundation are CampusOne, a project in support of the implementation of the reform of university teaching, with strong emphasis on relations with the labour market and on quality assurance; the establishment and development in Italy of the EURAXESS Network, aimed at establishing support and information activities addressed to mobile researchers; a series of actions in the field of research management, among which the project F.I.O.R.I., aimed at reinforcing and updating the knowledge of researchers as well as the competences and skills of administrative staff involved in research management and TT activities. In 2009, following the Agreements signed at institutional level with the Ministry of Economic Development and with the National Innovation Agency, CRUI Foundation has engaged in activities concerning technology transfer and IPR issues in universities.

Coordinator EURAXESS Network – Italy:
Natalia Paganelli
Phone: +39 06 68 44 11; Fax: +39 06 68 441 399
University of Camerino founded in 1336, the University of Camerino has five faculties: Architecture, Law, Pharmacy, Science and Technology, Veterinary Medicine.
Organized and structured services allow students to study with profit at Unicam, short name of this ancient University, fully immersed in nature, history and art.
The five Faculties offer Degree Courses of certified quality which respond well to the complexity and progress of the social and economic framework. The majority of study itineraries are designed on the basis of suggestions made by economic and professional staff. In particular, accordingly with its policy to increase international cooperation and to establish an international higher education network, Unicam offers a comprehensive range of programs, ranging from undergraduate courses to doctorate studies, especially designed for international students, with lectures in English. Since 2005, Unicam has also instituted an International School of Advanced Studies with the objective of increasing the participation of foreign students in its PhD programs. Foreign students will receive preferential treatment in the awarding of PhD student scholarships.
UNICAM has also an important tradition in scientific research and a lot of innovative research programmes and activities.
Since 2005, Unicam has adopted, like other Italian Universities, the European Charter for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for their Recruitment (signature took place in Camerino, July 7th 2005).

International Relation Office (Mobility Centre)
Coordinator: Francesca Magni
Phone: +39 0737 404601; Fax: +39 0737 404610