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Science4refugees is a new EURAXESS initiative launched on October 5 by Commissioner Moedas.

This measure will enable a match-making process between refugees and asylum seekers with a scientific background and the scientific institutions that voluntarily declare themselves as "refugee-welcoming organisations".

‘science4refugees’ is accessible to refugees and institutions through our EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion portal. 

How does it work?

Scientific and academic institutions:

Interested institutions can now flag their offers – be it positions, internships or training courses – with the ‘science4refugees’ emblem to indicate their interest in hiring also asylum seekers. It is a simple click on the jobs publication page.

In addition to this, scientific and academic institutions in favour of the initiative will be awarded the ‘science4refugees’ emblem, declaring they are open to employing refugees and asylum seekers. They only need to register on a dedicated entry on the portal; the EURAXESS team will send the emblem to them.



Refugees and asylum seekers can upload their CVs on a dedicated EURAXESS page and express their interest for an internship, a job or training. Registration is on a free and voluntary basis. In addition, the portal provides access to a complete range of information on working conditions in Europe for refugees and asylum seekers.

More information on science4refugees dedicated pages on Facebook pages. 



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Thursday, October 8, 2015