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If you are planning to come to Italy, you should be aware that speaking the national language can make your daily life less difficult and help you to complete more rapidly the administrative formalities (generally forms and documents are in Italian). Learning Italian will give you the opportunity to better understand Italian culture and people. Outside universities and other international work places, it may be difficult to find people speaking fluent English although you will find a collaborative attitude in Italian people in helping you anyhow. 
Learn Italian abroad
Learning Italian abroad is quite easy since many language organisations or schools offer Italian language courses for foreigners all around the world. In particular, the Italian Cultural Institutes (Istituti Italiani di Cultura) aim at promoting the Italian language and culture through events, exhibitions, academic exchange programmes, etc. They regularly organise Italian language courses specifically designed for foreigners.
Click here to find the Italian Cultural Institute near you.
If interested in getting a language certificate, we recommend to make sure the language school chosen is recognised as an institute of formal training and is qualified to issue certificates.
Learn Italian in Italy
As first choice it is recommended to ask your host organisation whether it organises Italian language courses for international guests. For example it is common that universities offers language course at their premises (Language Centres) for foreign students.
Learning Italian is possible by attending classes promoted by other kinds of organisations i.e. private and public institutes, vocational training organisations, volunteer associations, etc.
Please contact your organisation or the nearest EURAXESS Services Centre for more information.
Online tools
In the web there are free online tools, developed by national media companies and well-known publisher to learn Italian. Here follow some examples:
BBC online Italian Language course (Italian language courses from beginner to advanced level)
Io parlo italiano
Dizionario De Agostini
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